The " Spiced Wood " Shampoo & Conditioner Set

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The Urban Gent Spiced Wood SLS Free Shampoo is made without the use of Sodium Lauryl Sulphate or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

Instead with use Oxygenated Aloe Vera and wheat proteins.

Our SLS Free Shampoo will gently lather throughout the hair, enriching with natural wheat proteins, softening the hair follicle and making it more manageable.

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate Free Shampoo is a really gentle formula which does not use any sulphate and does not contain parabens.

This formula is suitable for the entire family and is wonderful for hair which has had life stripped of its moisture and natural oils.

The Fruit Twist Shampoo & Conditioner is carefully blended with Organic Sandalwood, Juniper Berry, Frankincense and Pine to bring you this warmed spiced woody notes 

150ml aluminium Bottles that are designed to supply you everything you need to feed your beard but be compact enough to take them anywhere in your toiletry bag.


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Application Directions Massage into the hair and rinse out with warm water. Unlike conventional shampoo, there are no nasty chemicals which are 'rotting' your hair, instead the wheat proteins and oils which you have added are filling the hair follicles with nutrients and naturally adding a protective, shine coating.

1 Review

David 27th Jul 2019

One of the better beard care range I have tried

I really like the gel consistency of the beard and hair wash product, which means that it does not run out of your palm through your fingers before you've applied it. Great idea!
The Conditioner product is nice but I'm not keen on the minty fragrance reminiscent of some Lush products. I was expecting a similar Woody fragrance to the Beard Wash, but this one is different. I almost wondered if another product had got into this container marked 'Spiced Wood'. I'm sure the maker will advise me.
I think the quantity of product for the cost is about right. I have been disappointed by some competitor's products that were more expensive but in tiny 100ml bottles that last no time at all on a substantial beard!

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