Beard Oils ....What and When to use

Having just returned back from Croatia in 30+ degree heat we wanted to touch on a few tips we have in order to look after your beard in that weather.

Like all hair it needs looking after and conditioning. We took 2 different beard oils with us. 

  1. Stylish Gent - Exotic Fruit
  2. Rich Gent - Sweet Orange

Why did we take 2 different oils ? The stylish Gent Oil is a light super quick absorbing oil that really feeds the skin, so after a day in the sun we wanted to get the nourishment back into the Beard and especially the skin underneath.

During the day we used The Rich Gent. This Oil is super rich and long lasting so during the day we applied a bit of oil just to keep the beard moisturised and stop it from drying out when around salty sea air.

The result … A fully conditioned beard that took everything Croatia could throw at it.

Remember, look after your beard and it will look after you