Urban Wood Beard Balm - 60g/2oz

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Our Urban Wood Balm with its careful mix of Sandalwood, Thyme & Pine Was designed with a Nod to the old school scents from Yester Year. This woody deep scented balm will make you want to go wrestle a bear

(not advised) a proper man smell.

With it’s 100% natural products this balm will tame and control those hairs and leave your beard feeling full, luxurious and conditioned.

Long lasting medium hold balm provides shape and control.

Conditioning & Nourishing.

Hydrating & Soothing.

Reduces frizz and adds shine to give a healthy appearance.


Beeswax, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Sweet Almond Oil

+ a careful mix of Sandalwood, Pine & Cedarwood Essential Oils



Perfect Match

The Stylish Gent – Sandalwood Oil

The Rich Gent – Tea Tree Oil

Allergen Warning: Some people may be sensitive to the ingredients used in these products. Test on a small area of skin if you have any concerns before applying thoroughly.


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7 Reviews

Rebecca Clark 27th Dec 2021


Hubby absolutely loves the beard balms, they all smell amazing

Ric Iles 11th Dec 2021

Urban Gent...

Purchased some “butter” because I wanted to try out the scent. Turn out I ordered balm! BUT…… it’s worked out in my favour! The Balm is as hard as moustache wax but melted easily in my palm, and boy does it hold! Brought my crazy beard right in at the sides. ALSO….. first order went missing due to Parcel Force but the guys were amazing and even contracted me on their own phones. Great effort.

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