Urban Tache Peppered Lemon Wax - 30g/1oz

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The Urban Tache Wax.

Designed and created for those gents who are after style and control in their Tache combined with a fresh splash of Spearmint to keep that top lip smelling pucker

The Wax was designed to mould and hold your moustache, giving it shape and definition with a more natural hold.

We only use 100% Natural and Organic products, so this wax does not contain petroleum jelly, Petrolatum found in a lot of Stiff waxes Keeping this wax as organic and pure as we can.


Beeswax, Shea Butter, Jojobo Oil, Avacado Oil

Essential Oil

Organic Black pepper / Organic Scilian Lemon

How to Use

  • Scrape a small pea sized ball onto your fingers and rub until melted.
  • Rub through your moustache until all the hair is coated, paying attention to the tips.
  • Use a small styling comb to create as needed

Allergen Warning: Some people may be sensitive to the ingredients used in these products. Test on a small area of skin if you have any concerns before applying thoroughly.

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1 Review

Garry Stevens 27th Jul 2020

My new go to Tache wax......

I brought a tache wax in America and loved it, using it for the big occasions. It was expensive. Nearly all gone. I was going to the states in August, but covid-19 ended that, but I don't need to buy the the American Texas Beard Company tache wax as I now have The Urban Gent's. And I will be buying the beard balm in the future.

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